Gizlen Global is a professional Marketing Agency offering
Web Design, SEO, Reputation Management, and Small Business Consulting services
in the New York - New Jersey area.

We advise individuals and small businesses (SMEs) on marketing projects, business ventures, technology implementation, and management practices. We analyze objectives and performance, offer how-to guidance and provide solutions to advance goals, enter new markets, and widen audiences by designing customized technologies and methodologies with decades of experience in various fields.


Sahap Gizlen

Global Marketing, Product Management, and Organizational Development expert with 12+ years of international experience in senior positions and know-how in various industries.

Sahap Gizlen originally started out in adult learning as a language teacher where he delivered foreign language lessons in grammar, writing, and presentation skills to government officials, military personnel, diplomats, celebrities, and university students.

In the following years, his training in education, freelance work as an instructor, and educational path in management led him to apply his skills to train staff, give seminars/webinars, and coach managers to create productive work environments.

In addition, his technical know-how helped him guide clients that aim to establish firms and market services or products in the United States – particularly in the New York Metropolitan area.

With a background in both worlds – a major in literature and a master’s from Columbia University with a focus on economics, trade, and management – Sahap is uniquely qualified to train and manage cross functional teams to support sales and to address the needs of a demanding customer base.

His final project in graduate studies entailed curriculum and instructional design aiming to reduce the failure rate of businesses that are established and/or run by experts with little or no exposure to the business world.

Sahap Gizlen trains staff, develops and implements marketing/sales strategies to present to groups or business leaders. This requires knowledge of technological developments, content creation techniques, social media trends, and an overall understanding of markets to build cohesive strategies.

We Innovate

When we take on a task, we make sure there are no questions unanswered. We set goals and find innovative ways to reach them. We utilize technology to our advantage and form productive win-win partnerships.


Our Clients

Our main clients are small and mid-sized companies (SMEs) that want to improve productivity by developing coherent workflows through effective go-to-market strategies, minimized reporting, and open communication.

We educate entrepreneurs, business and non-profit leaders to set and reach realizable goals by offering know-how and best practices in marketing strategies and effective management.

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