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  • Do your products or your company get a lot of negative reviews online?
  • Did you search for your name online and saw irrelevant info spread out about your life which could damage your prestige?
  • Do you see your name or photos associated with undesirable individuals, ideologies, quotes, graphics, names, adjectives, locations, or organizations?
  • Do you want online visitors to forget you were in a relationship with a particular person?
  • Is your name mentioned unfairly in news articles or by an internet troll in a blog?
  • Has someone published something about you online that you think is unfair?

Online Profile Defender Services

Whatever the case, you should know that even if you do not care much about it, your personal brand or company name may be affected negatively by these. Even a single negative review could damage your name, the authority of your company in the industry, or the market power of the product or service you are offering.

Who Will Benefit From Online Reputation Management?

  • Licensed professionals and organizations that are affected tremendously by online reviews, such as lawyers, doctors, hospitals, medical centers, and clinics.
  • Brands and their online products that have high-competition levels.
  • Politicians and public figures that have a lot of countering media attacks.
  • Celebrities, artists, musicians, sports teams and players who endure negative news and are targets of harassment.
  • Countries, states or local municipal governments whose reputation in international forums and media affects their economies, tourism, and policy talks.

Most reputation management companies use generic streamlined processes to do their work. We customize our plan of action to specifically cover your geographic region, industry, brand name, and associated keywords.

Defend Your Reputation

  • We are experienced in white hat (legal) reputation management methodologies.
  • We tailor our approach depending on your person’s or company's specific reputation needs.
  • We report progress on a monthly basis to revise our tactics and adapt to developments.

Our services are highly rated.

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Reputation management is the process of improving a person’s or company's status among Internet users that search for your name randomly or on purpose, specifically on Google, on social media platforms, in online reviews, and other popular areas online.

The purpose of online reputation management is to create fair representation of you, your company, brand, or product, to counteract misleading information, and to create a positive impression to online visitors.

Our Profile Defender System

We Conduct Thorough Research

Google says, "Your online identity is determined not only by what you post, but also by what others post about you - whether a mention in a blog post, a photo tag or a reply to a public status update."

We leave no stone unturned and scour through the internet to identify possible appearances of your name in some unfavorable content. Layer by layer, we find mentions and put effective tactics in place to attack these.


It takes an average of 5-6 months of aggressive work for online reputation management to take effect.

Our Online Reputation Management Strategy

We have a wide array of tools available in our arsenal. Any or all of the below tactics can be part of our strategy to fight back unfavorable news about you. (Some services are provided at extra cost):

  • We apply for removal of information that Google considers to be a piece of personal information that creates significant risks of identity theft, financial fraud, or other specific harms. Also private information, such as the following may be removed:
    • Bank account numbers
    • Credit card numbers
    • Images of signatures
    • Nude or sexually explicit images that were uploaded or shared without your consent
    • Confidential, personal medical records of private people
  • We suppress negative news and keywords by publishing favorable content with positive vocabulary that fills Google search results.
  • We work with you to produce quality content, such as videos, interviews, commentaries, press releases, etc. and promote these.
  • We regularly conduct searches and monitor search results to make sure nothing new has sprawled online. When we detect unwanted text, we take action.
  • We create and/or edit your online social media profiles in multiple platforms to get search engines to index these. While there, we participate in conversations, make comments on your behalf to promote your brand as a person or a company.
  • Your brand may have tens, and sometimes, hundreds of products. We take these and write about them in engaging ways to create useful and “share-worthy” information for your visitors.
  • People do not only search for articles. What about blogs, images, videos, infographics? We create attractive multimedia and ensure your name is associated with this content.
  • We employ many more techniques in our strategy to clear your name from negativity on top search results. We report to you periodically to show you our progress.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you with your Online Reputation Management strategy.

Reputation Defender

$7,000 One-Time
  • $7,000 and up for One-time Campaign for Two Months
  • $2,000/mo for Six Months of Continued Monitoring


Multi-Angle Strategy

Your reputation is a valuable commodity. Our work is aggressive and covers all aspects of online presence to counter negative news about you.

Page 1 Results

Search engine results for specific keywords present content we create on page 1. Unwanted text or images are suppressed to lower ranking pages.

Continued Monitoring

Even if our campaign becomes successful in pushing down negative news about you, we make sure any resurgence is fought off immediately.


Remove Negativity

Within a few months of work, negative news about you or your brand are suppressed to pages 2, 3, or below.

Prevent Losses

Especially for brands and products, negative reviews affect the value and the price of items you offer in the market. Getting better reviews will prevent your items from being overlooked. As your products become more in demand, your revenue will grow.

Promote Your Brand

Brands are difficult to establish in the online-sphere. Products with good reviews draw possibilities of partnerships that promote your brand and grow in market value.

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