Optimize to Be Seen

A website that is not properly optimized for search engines is like a nice painting hidden behind the cabinet. It is there, but nobody can see it. Local listings are essential for most small businesses, so it is crucial to have a perfect SEO score.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technical and content-based work that makes it easier for search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, to notice and index your website. This involves making changes to the structure, navigation (menu), and written code that form the unity of your website.

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SEO Tools

When visitors search for relevant terms, they should be able to find your website listed as a result called SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Not only will your website or location be listed there, but you should also see it listed in the right category with the information that you want to be associated with.

We utilize an array of SEO tools like content submissions and link building and to help a website gain credibility. More importantly, we help you create great content and we promote it aggressively, so that your ideas and your writings are known to a high number of visitors. All this increases traffic to your website and increases the chances for potential clients to reach out to you for more information about your products or services. If you are an e-commerce seller, your products become more likely be added to shopping carts of buyers.

Search Results: Paid and Organic

The average online business spends $9,000 on Google Ads alone. This means that in order to appear on top of search results via ads may require you to accept pay-per-click (PPC) prices between $12 and $25 and higher, depending on the popularity of the keywords you want to associate your company with.

But there are other ways. We try to make you save as much money as possible by keeping the paid ad campaigns short and being very aggressive on various fronts. We employ content quality, content spread (channels), and technical SEO methods to get you rank high in SERPs for less than average costs.

In the beginning, the cost of SEO may be higher as you have to pay for ads online (paid ads). But as you become more known and relevant to search engines and visitors, your website pages should appear more frequently via unpaid “organic” search results. This is also called Earned Media and it is done by offering relevant, compelling, authoritative, and interesting information that visitors want to read, see, and share.

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SEO Requires Ongoing Work

Quality SEO Services Make a Difference:

Any or all of the below activities may be utilized to promote your website and rank you higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). (Some services are provided at extra cost):

  • SEO Audit: A complete scan of all pages and elements of your website for SEO to optimize the weak spots.
  • Industry keyword scans and relevant ideas to produce and distribute content, such as photos, infographics, slides (slide shows), videos, interviews, podcasts, press releases, blog entries, commentaries, and more.
  • Editing and/or rewriting of existing pages and blog entries to optimize for target audience.
  • Partner brand research and identification to associate your firm with industry leaders and names by creating content of proof.
  • Description of awards, badges, memberships, and events.
  • Sitemaps to index your website with search engines.
  • An effective SEM (Search Engine Marketing) keyword strategy for paid ads on search engines and social media platforms.
  • Registration with local directories for link-building and recognition.
  • Utilization of Google Search Console and Analytics tools, as well as Google My Business for map location branding.
  • Monthly competitor analysis and in-depth reports.

SEO Management Cost

Search engine optimization is geared towards a specific audience. Therefore, earned and paid media play different roles at different stages of your campaign. We will help you define strategies that include simple steps to create elements and promote these with budgets at hand.

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On-Page vs Off-Page SEO
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SEO Strategy

We do the website work and help you with designing the best strategy to reach your target audience.

Results in Searches

You become seen in search results when a visitor searches for your name and/or products.

Ongoing Services

We make sure your SEO work is always up-to-date and effective as competitors adapt quickly.


Local Visibility

Your business is visible to visitors that search for shops or services in your area.

Relevant Content

The content you provide on your website is relevant and of value to the visiting customer.

Competitive Listing

As your SEO work becomes more mature, your search result appearances become more competitive. You are listed on top!

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