SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises)

By working with numerous entrepreneurs and business leaders for many years, I have learned that each organization has different needs and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I am both a consultant and a coach in that;

  • I provide professional services that are previously set and measurable and
  • I also guide leaders to adopt new behavior that will improve business outcomes.

Both of these are to reach organizational goals in a very competitive market.

SME Consultant

Here Are Things You Should Expect from a Good Business Consultant

  • Spend a great deal of time communicating with you to understand your business goals.
  • Examine your organizational capacities, including finances and human resources.
  • Help you with needed IT systems setup, software installation, and organization of files.
  • Define job positions and descriptions that would ideally get work done.
  • Survey your staff to determine need for training and/or changes in job descriptions.
  • Call in experts for specific work that needs to be done to improve quality.
  • Design marketing and sales strategies that best fit your organization in a given time.
  • Inspect if trademarks and/or patents are in place for value protection.
  • Create communication workflows for a productive and positive work environment.
  • Make additional recommendations to become more effective and efficient.

In the beginning or at a new product launch, both Small Businesses and Start-ups need a Go-to-Market Strategy to enter the marketplace with the desired impact and be prepared to respond to growth.

Our services are highly rated.

Start-Up Consultant

For Start-ups, things can be a little different.

Start-ups usually do not wish to stay in the business to have a steady income. Most entrepreneurs want to make a difference in the industry and scale up within a few years so that they can sell their valuable intellectual property or customer base to bigger companies. Especially for SaaS (Software as a Service) companies, here is what we can offer:

  • Offer advice on lean growth, agile work, and bootstrapping resources.
  • Recruit team of developers, coders, designers and guide them through project.
  • Provide marketing strategies to create a name in the industry.
  • Prepare effective pitch decks for investor meetings.
  • Financial analysis and forecasting to plan (Seed, Series A) funding and exiting.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you with your Small Business or Start-up.

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How to Start a Startup
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Small Business Growth

With a long-term strategy in mind, we help you take the right steps to achieve productivity and thrive in your business.

Start-Up Success

Have a great idea? We know how to make it happen, talk to potential investors, and present your strategies to audiences.

Consulting and Coaching

We give you professional services and guide you through hurdles to become a more effective leader.


Expertise On Call

We provide decades of expertise to you so you can attain your goals in a shorter time.

Added Value

We add value by focusing on the details that might get overlooked. Often, we have helped firms save money by seeing things as outsiders.

Broaden Network

Because we have experience in different industries, we can get you in touch with leaders from other areas for mutual benefits.

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