A Few words about us
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Every client and every job is treated with care.

Gizlen Global is a distinguished e-commerce marketing and branding agency, boasting a rich legacy of over 15 years in navigating dynamic global markets. Our adept team crafts impeccable e-commerce IT systems and imparts comprehensive staff training to drive robust sales outcomes.

Irrespective of the project’s scale, our commitment remains unwavering. We approach each task with utmost dedication, persevering tirelessly until every aspect is meticulously reviewed and confirmed as accomplished.

Within a company, numerous components possess the ability to be set in motion. While each individual element has the potential to function flawlessly, not all contribute to propelling the organization towards its objectives. Our role involves pinpointing these specific areas and offering the expertise required to synchronize these components harmoniously.

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Years of Experience in Business

Our dedication and strong client relationships have led us to discover innovative methodologies that greatly enhance efficiency.

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Companies Served with Excellence

We acquire knowledge and demonstrate it through action. Technical proficiency truly flourishes when fused with hands-on experience.

We value our partners and freelancers.

For each project, we find the best person possible to bring the task to completion to the satisfaction of our client.
Sahap Gizlen at Gizlen Global

Expertise and Experience

With a graduate degree from Columbia University in New York, Sahap Gizlen has had over 15 years of hands-on experience working on growing B2B, B2C, and institutional businesses around the globe. These include setting up IT and e-commerce systems, as well as marketing and branding of products or services in technology-intensive environments.


Lifting Up Entrepreneurs

Our history with numerous companies in different countries gives us a unique perspective on helping your organization. Where others see challenges, we see opportunities.

We do not motivate with empty promises; we show clear paths to success.

Every company is able to increase its standards and become a formidable player in its respective fields. We have the tools to help you get there.