Serving The New York City Metropolitan Area

Our main clients are small and mid-sized companies.

Gizlen Global advises individuals and businesses on projects, business ventures, technology implementation, and management practices. We analyze objectives and performance, offer how-to guidance and provide solutions to advance goals, enter new markets, and widen audiences by designing customized technologies and methodologies with decades of experience in various fields.

  • International Business Development
  • Management Consulting
  • Strategic Marketing

Our main clients are small and mid-sized companies that want to improve productivity by developing coherent workflows through lean guidelines, minimized reporting, and open communication. We educate entrepreneurs and business and non-profit leaders to set and reach realizable goals by offering know-how and best practices in policy development, financial controlling, management, leadership, and effective marketing strategies.

Sahap Gizlen
President and CEO

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Mr. Gizlen expanded his services into Koblenz, Germany in 2011.

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Work On Data: Measure, Analyze, Report

In order to truly understand the business issues that are impacting your journey to success, it takes much more than a few meetings with organization leaders and stakeholders.

Examine Issues, Define Problems, Set Goals

How do we know where to point you and tell you how to get there? We listen to where it is that you want to be. There is no other way to help you reach your goals than to first listen to not only what they are but what has been hindering you from getting to them.

Create Workflows To Help Implement Changes

You won’t ever have to wonder how it is that we are doing what we are doing within your organization. We will create detailed workflows that you can use in order to implement the changes.

Coach And Offer Training Sessions

If your business issues and plans for success require business coaching or training sessions for you and/or your employees, you can count on us to deliver them.


Because your success represents our commitment.

We see your project as an integral part of our own. All of our tools and recommendations are set to be part of your organization's.